Maz has been actively modifying and designing his own instruments since 2012 and continues to work on developing more instrument designs to further bring to life what lies in imagination.

Maz Firoze Sitar

Beginning in 2012 Maz started working with Waseem Maner, a skilled Sitar maker based out of India, to design Sitars that appeal to a particular aesthetic while also optimizing the functionality and durability of the instruments. In addition to structural changes such as the half-curved bridge and full-geared tuning system, Maz leaves his footsteps in his designs with peacocks, paisleys, and turquoise. Waseem Maner named this instrument “Maz Ferozi Sitar”. The design has become popularized over the past few years and people have ordered this style of Sitar from many countries around the world.

Here are some images of this style of Sitar:

The Mah-Ze-Tar

Beginning in 2014 Maz started working with Edward Powell, a master luthier based in the Czech Republic specializing in Indian and Middle Eastern Instruments. They started developing a design for the Mah-Ze-Tar, which literally translates to the strings of the moon (Mah- “Moon” Ze- “Of” Tar-“Strings”). The instrument prototype was completed in 2018 by Edward Powell and named “Mah-Ze-Tar” # 1

The concept behind the instrument was to have an instrument that could play anything from Indian and Persian music to Turkish and Greek music. The result was quite amazing: A three-necked instrument with 20 string instrument containing Sarod, Oud, and Setar necks all on one body!